carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaning

Sanitec Solutions Inc. offers complete, comprehensive carpet cleaning services for any type or size of facility.

In many businesses, the carpeting is often the first thing someone notices when they set foot into the room. We want to make sure that the impression you are making to your clients is not hindered by unsightly stains or dirt in your facilities carpeting.

A well thought out investment was made when choosing to install carpeting in your facility. To maximize on that investment, the proper care and upkeep needs to be implemented to ensure that all carpeting continues to look great and lasts as long as possible. Sanitec’s carpet cleaning systems make use of the most appropriate products and equipment for the type of carpeting we will be treating in your facility.

Benefits of carpet cleaning

Routine carpet cleaning is important for several reasons:

Removal of stains and dirt - The most obvious reason for regular carpet cleaning is to remove visible stains and dirt, making a positive impression to visitors who will take notice of the clean and professional decor.

Remove allergens - Even if a carpet that hasn’t been serviced in a long time still appears to be clean, more deeply imbedded in the carpet material are allergens and particles not visible to the eye. Eventually this can have an adverse affect on people who have sensitive allergies. The carpeting may also be trapping odours from food particles and spilled drinks that after some time can create an undesirable smell throughout the area. Regular carpet cleaning will prevent issues such a these from occurring.

Prolong the durability of the carpeting - Various contaminants that transfer from shoes and boots to the carpeting can set in and slowly wear down the fibers. Elements such as salt and spilled liquids, can dull the coloring of the carpeting, weaken the fabric, and make it vulnerable to tearing. Keeping the carpeting free of these substances will help to maintain it’s current condition.

Sanitec can provide your facility with several carpet cleaning options.

Extraction – Hot water extraction is recognized by most carpet manufacturers as the most effective carpet cleaning method. It makes use of equipment that sprays hot water on to the carpet to loosen dirt, while a vacuum nozzle sucks up the water along with the dirt. The hot water, which can be used alone or with added cleaning products if desired, facilitates the removal of hardened or deeper dirt that would have otherwise been difficult to get out of the carpet.

Shampoo – The hot water extraction method requires a few hours to dry after treatment before it can be walked on. When waiting for a few hours before walking on the carpet is not possible, the shampooing method provides an alternative since it requires less drying time than the extraction method.

Bonnet Cleaning This is a carpet maintenance method that can be used from time to time  in high traffic areas to keep the carpeting clean between more comprehensive cleanings.

Dry Methods – This is suitable for carpets that are either more sensitive to moisture damage or are located in areas that have constant foot traffic, making it impractical to use a wet method of cleaning that takes long to dry. Even though a dry foam machine is used, this method is not completely dry, as the equipment uses a small amount water.
Water and shampoo are added to a pressure tank and mixed at a 90% air to 10% liquid ratio to create a low moisture foam.

The team at Sanitec Solutions are highly skilled professionals capable of handling any type of carpet cleaning needs. Give us a call to make arrangements to keep your facility looking it’s best.