construction cleanup

Construction Cleanup

Even after renovations or remodeling projects have been completed, there is still the large task of cleaning up the mess left behind. Sanitec Solutions provide complete post construction cleanup services, that will have your space spotless and ready for business.

Contractors throughout the greater Toronto area consistently call on Sanitec because they know that they can depend on us to eliminate all dirt, dust and debris left behind by construction crews. Sanitec’s thorough construction cleanup process ensures that your property will be meticulously cleaned, freshened up and ready for use to your satisfaction.

Sanitec Solutions Inc. is equipped to service your specific needs, whatever they may be. Big or small, one-time or ongoing, we provide custom cleaning solutions for a variety of situations and clients.

Here are some of the tasks that our top-to-bottom construction cleanup services include:

  • The most thorough cleanup required will begin with the washing of all surfaces, from the walls to the floors. Sometimes a thin film of sawdust can remain on walls, or tape can be left behind on doors and walls. We will find and remove it all.
  • We will effectively remove all dust from ceiling pipes and ducts, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and any other suspended materials. Those out of reach places that accumulate dust will be tended to.
  • We will remove any stains found on all surfaces. From hand or finger prints on doors and walls, to grease stains and smudges on countertops and floors.
  • High power vacuuming of all surfaces, trim work and furniture will be completed to remove dust, nails, staples, metal filings, and any other type of small debris.
  • Cleaning of desks, drawers and file cabinets.
  • Complete sanitizing of bathroom sinks, faucets, toilets, tiles, and stalls.
  • Disinfect all kitchen counters, cabinets and surfaces.
  • Spot clean, vacuum carpeting and tight corners.
  • Scrub all floors and tiles to a shine.
  • Polish all stainless steel decor to remove smudges and restore shine.
  • Clean, wax and buff hard surface flooring.
  • Clean window sills, frames, and glass.

In addition to construction cleanup, Sanitec Solutions also offer regular routine cleaning and maintenance services to keep your facility looking presentable at all times. We can work with you to implement a customized cleaning and maintenance strategy and schedule.

An on-going cleaning strategy prevents build-up of dirt, dust, and allergens that can be unpleasant to employees and clients. Preventative maintenance not only keeps the appearance and air quality of your property from degrading, but it also helps to identify where attention may be needed before an issue grows into a bigger and more costly problem. For example, a rip in a carpet, crack in a window, or a leaky faucet are all issues that can lead to further damage. These are the types of things that we are on top of and bring to the attention of our clients, when we are responsible for ongoing care of your property.

For complete satisfaction, trust Sanitec to thoroughly take care of your construction cleanup and beyond. Contact us at 416–253-0008 to discuss your needs, and we’ll be happy to provide an estimate and answer any questions you have.