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The security of private information is an important measure that every company should include in their business practice. Securing the personal data of customers and employees should be a priority, and just as vital is the way in which data and documents are disposed of.

In every business there is information that must be discarded properly when it is no longer needed, in a way that keeps the identities and business matters of individuals from being accessed by 3rd parties that may have unethical intentions with this information. Confidential information put into the wrong hands can lead to identity theft and other fraudulent activities.

Shredding is a convenient and practical option to protect employee, customer and vendor information from being stolen. The main challenge that many companies face are with the logistics of securely shredding and disposing of documents in a economically and environmentally friendly manner. Sanitec shredding services follows specific procedures to ensure the secure disposal of confidential documents, in a manner that not only protects sensitive information, but also gets the job done in a way that is environmentally friendly through our recycling initiatives.

Here’s how our shredding services work:

Included in our service are locked containers that we place in your office. Your staff simply fill them up with any documents containing information that needs to be disposed of securely,  and we pick up the contents on scheduled times based on volume.

Most businesses are surprised by the affordability of this service, which they only realize after they have attempted to manage their own in-house shredding tasks. In the long run, the cost of using a shredding service is less than the cost of purchasing shredders and having your own staff doing the shredding. Alot of businesses aren’t aware of the sheer volume of documents that need to treated with confidentiality and how time consuming it is to dispose of them in a way that is secure and in compliance with privacy laws.

At the end of the day your employees time is better spent doing more productive work that is relevant to your business, and allocating your shredding to a dedicated shredding service provider like Sanitec. That is why nowadays the majority of companies outsource their shredding operations to certified professionals like us who can be trusted and counted on to securely destroy documents. This prevents data from getting into the wrong hands while also complying with the laws developed to protect the privacy of information. It is simply not worth the expense to hire staff dedicated to shredding, once compared to the cost and ease of hiring Sanitec to take care of it for you.

Documents that recommended to securely shred typically include:

  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Memos
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Employee Records
  • Customer lists
  • Medical records

These are the most common documents that Identity thieves can use to obtain your information and create new fraudulent accounts with. They are usually after personal details like names, addresses, driver's license details, banking information, Social Security Numbers,  and so on. All of this information is sensitive and should be shredded without questions.

For worry free secure paper shredding services, call Sanitec for a Custom Proposal.