medical facilities cleaning

Medical Facilities

The cleaning requirements of medical facilities are unique from many other institutions, due to the nature of the equipment and environment being cleaned and the necessity for greater attention to the methods and products being used. This requires more facility-specific knowledge, methods, products and attention to detail to thoroughly sanitize sensitive equipment and areas while preventing cross contamination.

Sanitec staff are highly trained specialists in cleaning medical offices where it is imperative to have a germ free environment. We employ dedicated professionals who follow our “best practices” methodology developed to carry out the specific needs of the medical institutions.

Advanced cleaning methods to prevent cross contamination

At Sanitec we’ve developed proprietary cleaning methods to eliminate the possibility of germ and bacteria cross-contamination. The use of color coded microfiber cleaning cloths helps to designate certain cloths for specific areas and surfaces, and ensures that the same cloth is not used for multiple surfaces or areas.

The material of our microfiber cleaning cloths are perfectly suited for medical facilities, being that they are proven to more effectively capture dust and germs than regular cotton cloth or paper towels.

We also use microfiber flat mops that completely eliminate the possibility of mop water contamination, while greatly improving the effectiveness of germ removal throughout the facility.

Green Cleaning

When cleaning medical facilities, our staff use hospital grade disinfectants and green cleaning products and methods wherever possible. Our focus is not only on cleaning the obvious messes that are visible to the eye, but more importantly on germs and bacteria that are not visible to the human eye. We are diligent in our thoroughness to clean all surfaces, high and low, counters and floors, just to be sure that no potential germ infested areas are missed.

We are always conscious about maintaining safe and healthy air quality, so in addition to green cleaning products, we use multi-filtration HEPA certified vacuums. HEPA filters are important when cleaning medical facilities, as they have been proven effective for removing airborne bacteria and viruses, thereby preventing the spread of infections. HEPA filters also improve indoor air quality by removing small pollutants and particles from the environment.

At Sanitec Solutions Inc., we successfully tend to all of the complex needs involved with cleaning medical facilities. We follow a methodical checklist to make certain that no areas are overlooked, some of which include:

  • All Exam Room Tables, Chairs, Foot Stools and touch surfaces
  • Nurses Stations -  desks, countertops, phones, keyboards.
  • storage cabinets, handles and knobs
  • Windows. window sills and ledges, window locks and Levers
  • Lamps, lamp switches, light switches, on/off pull cords
  • Washroom sinks, vanities and soap dispensers
  • Door handles

After we’re done, you can be sure that all surfaces have been disinfected and the indoor air quality has improved as a result of our equipment, organized methods and top quality products.

Sanitec staff have the training, skills and experience to take care of the demanding cleaning needs of medical facilities. Give us a call to arrange for our top quality cleaning services in your facility.