Restroom Supplies

Sanitec feels that’s important for your restroom to not only be clean but well-stocked as well. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the following:

  • Hand Soaps — Choose from a wide range of soaps varying from heavy duty industrial cleansers to gentle antibacterial soaps for everyday use.
  • Air fresheners — free dispensers provided. Choose from a variety of pleasant scents gel or aerosol options.
  • Paper/Tissue — -two-ply, absorbent hand towels.
  • Feminine hygiene — we provide options for the safe disposal of feminine products, reducing paper consumption and clogged toilets.

Restroom Restocking Service

We want to ensure that your restrooms are always full and functioning. Sanitec’s restocking service is dedicated to ensuring that your restroom has everything it needs to guarantee that your restroom is well stocked with the highest quality of products and ensure that your equipment is fully functioning. Whether you stock the products yourself or use our restocking service to monitor and replenish stock needed for your restroom. Let us save you time and money and eliminate the worry of maintaining your restroom supplies.

Contact a Sanitec representative today and ask us about our Restroom Supplies and Restocking Service.